Lighting theory for games

This is my lighting theory tutorial published by Exp Points,

I did this tutorial to support Exp Points as a learning platform,

I take NO commission income from Exp points for each purchase.

Lighting is the glue that brings everything together in video games and by extension any visual piece of art. In this tutorial, Maria Yue will be delivering a theoretical breakdown of Lighting for Games. Pulling from her experiences in the studio and teaching students, she will break down how and why lighting has approached the way it is for games, as well as looking at movies and why they are such an important reference point for video games. With her extensive experience in this field, Maria Yue is nothing short of knowledge that can be shared on this subject.

Whether you’re a seasoned artist, student, hobbyist, or someone just starting out, grab this tutorial and learn an essential workflow that will allow you to work faster and more efficiently. Fuel your Creative Mind today.


  • 1 Hour 49 Minutes
  • 1080p Resolution


  • PureRef


  • BeginnerThis is a theoretical tutorial and has been designed to teach you how and why we use to light the way we do in games.

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