The Journey of Illusion

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My Journey of Illusion is a captivating video game lighting tutorial made by Maria Yue, a principal lighting artist who has contributed her crafts to several AAA studios across Asia, Europe and North America over the past decade.

Greetings from Maria

This tutorial is my love letter to my profession. Out of gratitude to all the talented lighting artists who have shared their previous knowledge with me throughout my journey, I’ve decided to offer the foundational fist chapter for free.

With a humble heart, I’ve distilled a decade’s worth of industry knowledge and personal creative lighting experiences into this comprehensive guide, eager to share the unique insights I’ve gathered along the way.

I sincerely hope this aesthetically crafted guide not only enlightens you on achieving ultra-high-quality lighting across diverse styles, but also illuminates the path to discovering your own artistic voice through the reflection of my creative thinking and deductive processes. 

I am looking forward to having you in my enlightening adventure and unlocking your true potential as a visionary video game lighting artist. 


Chapter 1 (Free session) – Interception, The Colour of Light 

[IMPORTANT MESSAGE. please read ^ ^ ]

  1. The course note is free but you will need to install Pureref on your one PC.   

2. This video game lighting tutorial focuses on creative practice and does not include any free relighting material. However, you can follow along with it while working on your own game art project using UE5. 

Part 1

Part 1 Content  (free course link in attached PDF file)

  • How to Use the reading list
  • Relationship Between Contrast and Colour
  • Applying Exposure Theory from Photography to Video Game Lighting
  • Using HDR Eye Adaptation Together with Exposure Control 
  • Real-time Light Meter  Reading in UE5 (Sorry about the loud PC fan)
  • Color Temperature and Exterior Light Source Explained 
  • Light Unit and Measurement 
  • Luminance and Illuminance Explained
  • Relationship Between Contrast and Colour 
  •  Two types of Primary Colours 

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  1. Thank you. Your tutorial is great and it helped me a lot. Can you tell me where I can get the course notes? The tutorial said it is free but I couldn’t find it. Thank you very much.

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