Real-time Lighting, Showcase

Everything will be okay

Here comes my latest exterior lighting design + Layout personal project.
Since July 2020 my life has been in quite a bit of turbulence in many aspects.
A lot of changes and surprises crashed into my life professionally and personally wise.
Taking the advantage of Megascan bridge and Unreal Engine, I’ve created this layout to reflect how I feel in my difficult moments.
And in the end, we all have to believe that everything will be okay.
The layout and atmosphere are heavily inspired by those two amazing artists
Novelance’s illustration and Asteror’s illustration

Layout/ Lighting Design
Maria Yue
Character/ Animation
Animalia- German Shepherd
Asset libraries (without special order)
Automotive Bridge Scene
Underground Subway
Defect Ultimate Props Bundle Vol.1
Construction Site
Vending Machines+ Food& Drinks
Special thanks to Asher Zhu for showing me how to fix the FX and Camera animation.

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