Real-time Lighting, Showcase

First Love

A piece I’ve done at the start of pandemic

We all had a very difficult 2020, I am super thankful that I am not home alone. This lighting design is dedicated to my significant one.

In this practice, I challenged myself with 3 difficult actors in lighting design. Open space, mid-day with very short shadow, and high-key lighting. Still, a long way to go but I understand how to balance the overall lighting better.

Style inspired by Inoue Takehiko‘s Manga, SlumDunk. And anime movie from Shinkai Makoto
This piece is made in the Nvidia RTX GI version of Unreal Engine 4.26
Assets from Megascan and Epic Market place.

Lighting and environment art by me.
Special thanks to my friend Bow Qing for asset support and Engine compile guide 

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